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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Charging battery

It is not permissible to test or charge batteries whose magic eye shows light yellow. Do not slave/jump start the vehicle!
Danger of explosion when checking and charging or slave/jump starting.
These batteries must be renewed.
INC 940 initial setup performed (dealership number, date/time) → operating manual INC 940.
–  Check general information → Chapter.
–  Open bonnet or cover for other installation location of battery.
–  Perform visual check of battery → Chapter.
–  Determine whether battery type is “Standard” (wet battery) or “AGM” (absorbent glass mat battery).
–  Close all vehicle doors.
Battery temperature must be at least 10°C.
For additional information, refer to the → operating manual INC 940.
Perform charging procedure:
–  Switch off all electrical consumers.
–  Switch off ignition and remove ignition key.
–  Connect red terminal clamp “+” of charger unit to positive terminal on battery.
In vehicles with start/stop function and battery monitor control unit -J367- fitted, black terminal clamp must be connected to body earth. Connecting it to battery negative terminal will cause start/stop system to malfunction.
–  Connect black terminal clamp “-” of battery charger to negative terminal.
–  Connect Midtronics -INC 940- battery charger to an earthed socket.
–  Set “ON/OFF” switch of Midtronics -INC 940- battery charger to “ON”.
–  Select “Automatic” or “Manual” charging mode.
–  Select test “In vehicle” or “Outside vehicle”.
–  Select battery type “Standard ” or “AGM” (absorbent glass mat).
–  Select test type “Warranty” or “Miscellaneous”. Note additional details (depending on type of test).
For additional information, refer to the → operating manual INC 940.
If necessary, make a note of menu items required for “Warranty” test type → Warranty service circular.
Midtronics -INC 940- battery charger tests battery and starts charging procedure. The display then shows one of three results, as well as approximate charging time.
Result: Measures:
Battery OK Battery can be returned to operation.
Charging required
Test found low charge level.
Charging starts and approximate charging duration is displayed.
Achieved cold-start performance and remaining charging time are displayed, and are updated regularly.
Renew battery Battery defective. Charging procedure is interrupted. Renew battery.
In case Midtronics -INC 940- shows fault messages or text displays other than those listed above, please refer to → Chapter.
Stop charging if battery is emitting a lot of gas. Press “Stop” button on front.
When charging and testing procedure has finished, Midtronics -INC 940- battery charger displays “Battery good” or “Renew battery” and total charging time.
There are three possible messages depending on individual circumstance (printout for warranty, repair job, evaluation and filing):
Generate test code (only possible after automatic charging and test).
Print last test result (for warranty).
Display last test results.
For additional information, refer to the → operating manual INC 940.
General description of Midtronics -INC 940- battery tester
Batteries in VW vehicles may only be charged with battery chargers approved by VW. In the USA/Canada, it is permitted for the Midtronics -INC 940- battery charger to ...

Dealing with problems with Midtronics -INC 940- battery tester
Under certain circumstances, the display may show errors or messages according to status. The most frequent display messages are listed below, ...

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