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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Battery with »enhanced« colour indicator

This is a maintenance-free battery with liquid electrolyte (wet battery).
No stickers may be removed and do not replenish with distilled water. Only perform a visual check. Refer to chapter, Checking battery → Chapter.
It is not permissible to test or charge batteries whose colour indicator is light yellow. Do not slave/jump start the vehicle!
Danger of explosion when checking and charging or slave/jump starting.
These batteries must be renewed.
The battery is used for particular requirements in certain stop-start vehicles. The battery can be identified by the lettering “EFB” on the battery cover. “EFB” stands for »enhanced flooded battery«.
An “EFB” battery may only be replaced with another “EFB” battery.
The “EFB” battery has a colour indicator to enable the electrolyte level to be checked.
Checking the colour indicator → Chapter
“EFB” batteries have been used in the smaller petrol engines with stop-start systems and manual gearboxes since 05.2011.
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