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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Assembly overview - sliding sunroof

Assembly overview - sliding sunroof

1 -  Glass panel for panorama tilting sunroof (single pane safety glass)
2 -  Bolt
3 -  Seal of sliding sunroof frame
4 -  Sunroof roller blind
5 -  Sliding sunroof frame
6 -  Bolt
7 -  Bolt
8 -  Sliding sunroof adjustment control unit -J245-
9 -  Bolt
10 -  Cover
11 -  Bolt
12 -  Guide plate
13 -  Wind deflector
14 -  Bolt
Sliding sunroof

Assembly overview - sunroof roller blind
1 -  Sunroof roller blind Removing and installing → Chapter. 2 -  Mounting For sunroof roller blind fabric 3& ...

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