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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Assembly overview - belt pulley, Denso air conditioner compressor

Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual / Heating, air conditioning / Air conditioner / Air conditioner compressor / Assembly overview - belt pulley, Denso air conditioner compressor

Assembly overview - belt pulley, Denso air conditioner compressor

1 -  Bolt
Qty. 3.
4.5 Nm
2 -  Sealing cap
3 -  Nut
25 Nm
–  To unfasten and tighten the hexagon nut, hold the pulley in position with a commercially available oil filter strap wrench.
4 -  Drive plate
With overload protection. Deploys in the event of excessive torque (e.g. if the air conditioner compressor cannot rotate freely). The belt pulley then rotates without driving the air conditioner compressor.
5 -  Circlip
Do not reverse when installing (flat side faces air conditioner compressor).
6 -  Belt pulley
Different versions. Refer to → Electronic Parts Catalogue.
Sensitive to impact, handle with care
Removing and installing → Chapter.
7 -  Air conditioner compressor
Clean drive shaft of air conditioner compressor before fitting the belt pulley.
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Assembly overview - belt pulley, Sanden air conditioner compressor
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