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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Removing and installing seat heating element -Z6-/-Z8-

If the seat padding in a vehicle with seat heating is renewed, then the respective seat heating element must also be renewed.
–  Separate seat cover from seat padding → Chapter.
–  Cut through wire -3- right at old seat heating element -2-.
The old seat heating elements remain fitted on the seat padding -1- and the new heating elements are bonded in onto the old ones.
Install in reverse order, but note the following:
–  Thread wire -3- through cable guide.
–  Align new heating elements on seat padding. Do not pull off the protective films for this.
–  Pull protective films off heating elements one after the other. Ensure to not damage the heating elements.
–  Bond in new heating elements so that they coincide with the old ones and are free of creases.
–  Place connections of the individual heating elements on bottom of recesses.
Specified torques
  → Chapter „Assembly overview - cover and padding for seat pan“
  → Chapter „Assembly overview - seat heating element“
  → Chapter „Assembly overview - front backrest“
  → Chapter „Assembly overview - front seat“

Removing and installing seat heating element -Z6-/-Z8-

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