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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: General notes

Mobile online services are available only in conjunction with a radio/RNS -RX1-.
For vehicles equipped with a telephone, the telephone functions are integrated into the emergency call module control unit and communication unit -J949-.
Fault finding
The mobile online services system is capable of self-diagnosis.
For fault finding → Vehicle diagnostic tester use “Guided fault finding” mode.
In order to deal with complaints, it is absolutely necessary to understand the functions of the mobile online services system.
For additional information refer to the → Operating manual, → Current flow diagrams, Electrical fault finding and Fitting locations.
After the battery has been connected, check the operation of electrical equipment (clock, convenience electronics and so on) according to the workshop manual → Electrical system; Rep. gr.27 and/or to the → Operating manual.
Mobile online services

Overview of fitting locations - mobile online services
1 -  Radio/RNS -RX1- 2 -  Telephone microphone -R38- Installed in front section of roof console Removing and insta ...

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