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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Removing and installing oil level and oil temperature sender -G266-

–  Drain off engine oil.
–  Disconnect electrical connector -3-.
–  Undo nuts -1- and remove oil level and oil temperature sender -G266--item 4-.
Installation is carried out in the reverse order; note the following:
Renew seal -2-.
–  Replenish engine oil and check oil level → Booklet.
Specified torques
→ Chapter „Assembly overview - sump and oil pump“

Removing and installing oil level and oil temperature sender -G266-

Assembly overview - sump and oil pump
  Note Metal shavings or a large quantity of small metal particles found during engine repair could indicate that the crankshaft bearings or conrod bearings are damaged. To ...

Removing and installing lower part of sump
Special tools and workshop equipment required Flat scraper Commercially available scraper ...

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