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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Assembly overview - reversing camera system

Assembly overview - reversing camera system

1 -  Bolt
Qty. 4
2.5 Nm
2 -  Swivel motor
Removing and installing → Anchor.
3 -  Connector
4 -  Connector
5 -  Bolt
Qty. 3
4 Nm
6 -  Swivel badge with reversing camera -R189-
Removing and installing → Anchor.
7 -  Bolt
Qty. 2
1.6 Nm
8 -  Reversing camera housing
Removing and installing → Anchor.
9 -  Connector
Overview of fitting locations - reversing camera system
1 -  Display unit for control device of front display and information control panel -J685- In front of centre console. Removing and inst ...

Removing and installing reversing camera -R189-
Reversing camera and swivel motor are each installed in individual housings together in swivel badge of rear lid. To remove camera housing, remove first both componen ...

Other materials:

Moving push button to installation position in the handle
Special tools and workshop equipment required     Release tool -T10534- If the push-button was pressed by mistake, the installation position can be restored. ...

Removing and installing front treble loudspeakers -R20-/-R22-
Front left treble loudspeakers -R20-/front right treble loudspeakers -R22- are located in A-pillar trim.   Note If the treble loudspeaker needs to be renewed, the A-pillar trim will also need renewing. ...

Switch off the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) temporarily in the following situations
First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings The Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) should be switched off in the following situations due to system limitations  : When turning off roads, driving around roundabouts, narrow curves, joining motorways, exiting from ...

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