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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Assembly overview - crankcase breather system

Assembly overview - crankcase breather system

1 -  Hose
For crankcase breather
2 -  Cover
For oil separator
3 -  Oil separator
Removing and installing → Chapter
Renew if damaged
4 -  O-ring
5 -  Union
6 -  Hose
For crankcase breather
7 -  Bolt
9 Nm

Oil separator - tightening torque and sequence
–  Tighten bolts in the sequence -1 … 9- to 9 Nm.

Assembly overview - crankcase breather system

Crankcase breather

Removing and installing oil separator
Special tools and workshop equipment required Flat scraper Commercially available studs, M6x20 mm, qty.  ...

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