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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: 1-pack clear coat

1-pack clear coat -LLS MAX 010-
Issued 10.2008
Product description
The 1-pack clear coat -LLS MAX 010- is a one-pack product. The raw material basis is acrylic resins.
Easy to handle (one-pack product).
High gloss.
Universally applicable.
Easy to polish.
Technical data sheet
Spot repairs and partial refinishes.
Suitable substrates:
Solvent-based or waterborne base coats.
After a flash-off period of 30 minutes, the base coat can be recoated with 1-pack clear coat -LLS MAX 010-.
Substrate pre-treatment:
–  Substrate must be free of dust and grease.

1-pack clear coat

Protective garments and equipment in accordance with work safety regulations must be worn.
Protective gloves (e.g. latex or nitrile).
Respirator mask, e.g. of type A2/P2.
–  Shake can well for at least 2 minutes, then perform one brief “test spray”.

1-pack clear coat

Method of application: “spray”.
–  Apply in 2-3 spray coats with 5-10 minutes intermediate flash-off time.
–  The specified thickness for the dry film is 30-40 µm.
Spraying distance:
–  Maintain a distance of 20-25 cm.
If spray work must be interrupted, ensure that the nozzle is cleared to avoid clogging by inverting the can and spraying until the valve is empty.

1-pack clear coat

Air drying at ambient temperature of +20 °C:
Dust dry in 10 minutes.
Dry to handle in 20 minutes.
Dry to polish in 12 hours.

1-pack clear coat

This product is suitable fot infrared drying. The final flash-off time with infrared drying (short wave) is 7 minutes.
–  After a flash-off period of 12 hours at an ambient temperature of +20 °C, the 1-pack clear coat -LLS MAX 010- can be polished using a commercially available polish.
Protective garments and equipment in accordance with work safety regulations must be worn.
Observe safety information sheets as well as warnings on the label of the spray can.
Shake again briefly before spraying each coat.
After fully emptying the spray can, dispose of as recycling material

1-pack clear coat

Solids content 20 % by weight
Coverage approx. 0.5 to 0.75 mІ per spray for dry film thickness of 30 to 40 μm.
Degree of gloss 90 GU (60-degree glossmeter)
Note This product is for the professional painting of vehicles only.
VOC content: The EU limit value for this product (product category IIB.b) in ready-to-spray form is max. 629 g/l of volatile organic compounds. The VOC content of this product in ready-to-spray form is max. 252 g per spray can.
The guaranteed shelf life is 60 months from date of production. May be used until the date stated on the label at latest if stored in sealed original containers at +20 °C.

1-pack clear coat

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