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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Removing and installing upper part of sump

Special tools and workshop equipment required
Allen key, long reach -T10058-
Hand drill with plastic brush
Eye protection
Sealant → Electronic Parts Catalogue

Removing and installing upper part of sump

–  Remove air conditioner compressor from bracket → Heating, air conditioning; Rep. gr.87.
–  Remove sump (bottom section) → Chapter.
–  Remove oil pump → Chapter.

Removing and installing upper part of sump

–  Unscrew securing bolts -arrows- for gearbox to upper section of sump -1-.

Removing and installing upper part of sump

–  Loosen and unscrew bolts in the sequence -19 … 1-.
–  Carefully detach upper part of sump from adhesive bond.
–  Remove baffle plate.
Renew bolts that are tightened with specified tightening angle.
Renew gaskets, oil seals and self-locking nuts.
Danger of soiling lubrication system.
Cover open parts of engine.
–  Remove sealant residues from cylinder block with a flat scraper.
Risk of eye injury caused by sealant residue.Wear eye protection.

Removing and installing upper part of sump

–  Remove sealant residue from upper part of sump, e.g. with rotating plastic brush.
–  Check oil galleries in upper part of sump and cylinder block for soiling.
–  Remove any oil and grease from sealing surfaces.

Removing and installing upper part of sump

Observe expiry date of sealing compound.
–  Cut off nozzle on tube at front marking (diameter of nozzle approx. 2 mm).
Danger of blocking lubrication system with excess sealant.

Removing and installing upper part of sumpA17-0081

Do not apply sealant bead thicker than specified.
–  Apply bead of sealant -arrow- onto clean sealing surfaces of upper part of oil sump as shown in illustration.
Thickness of sealant bead: 2…3 mm.
Upper part of oil sump must be installed within 5 minutes after sealant has been applied.

Removing and installing upper part of sump

–  Check that dowel pin -2- is securely seated in cylinder block.
–  Attach baffle plate -1- to cylinder block.
–  Position upper part of oil sump and tighten bolts → Fig..
Further installation steps are carried out in the reverse order; note the following:
–  Install oil pump → Chapter
–  Install air conditioner compressor → Heating, air conditioning; Rep. gr.87.
–  Replenish engine oil and check oil level → Booklet.
Specified torques
→ Chapter „Assembly overview - sump and oil pump“
Securing gearbox to engine → Rep. gr.34

Removing and installing upper part of sump

Engine oil

Engine oil capacity
With oil filter, 4.0 l
Oil capacities, oil specifications, viscosity grades → Maintenance tables.
Removing and installing oil pump
Removing –  Remove sump (bottom section) → Chapter.     –  ...

Engine oil cooler

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