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Battery charger - VAS 5906-
Danger of injury! Observe warning notices and safety regulations → Chapter!
It is not permissible to test or charge batteries whose magic eye shows light yellow. Do not slave/jump start the vehicle!
Danger of explosion when checking and charging or slave/jump starting.
These batteries must be renewed.
Battery charger -VAS 5906- has been specially developed for charging in vehicle onboard supply during vehicle presentation.
It has an automatic charging characteristic for starter batteries, 3 - 300 AH.
The maximum charging voltage 14.4 V is not exceeded. All electrical loads are supported by up to 30 A by the trickle charging.
For sustained operation, battery charger -VAS 5906- changes to trickle charging once battery is fully charged.
Tester starts fully automatically and does not require any settings. All that is required is to connect crocodile clips and mains cable.
For further information, refer to the → operating manual VAS 5906.

General description

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Charging battery with battery charger -VAS 5906-
  WARNING Danger of injury! Observe warning notices and safety regulations → Chapter! ...

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