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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: EU general type approval number, sales type and sales or trade designation

The designations below are only applicable for VW vehicles
Since 1.1.1998, all passenger cars licensed within the European Union must have a type approval corresponding to EU guidelines. Vehicles licensed for road use with single-vehicle approval according to § 21 StVZO in Germany are excepted.
This means the same guidelines apply to all vehicle manufacturers. This makes it easier to trade across national borders within the EU.
The COC document contains the EU general type approval number and detailed technical information on the vehicle such as emissions classification and all the permitted wheel and tyre combinations → Chapter.
EU general type approval model code (type approval model code) Sales type Sales or trade designation
AA 121 up! 2012 >
AA BL1 e-up! 2014 >
6R 6R Polo 2010 >
6R 6C Polo 2014 >
1K 5K Golf 2009 >
AU 5G Golf 2013 >
AU BE1 e-Golf 2014 >
AUV BA5 Golf Variant 2014 >
1K 517 Golf Cabriolet 2012 >
16 162 Jetta 2011 >
16 5C1 Beetle 2012 >
1KM AJ5 Golf Variant 2010 >
1KP 521 Golf Plus 2009 >
AUV AM1 Golf SV 2015 >
1T 1T Touran 2003 >; Cross Touran 2008 >
13 137 Scirocco 2009 >
13 138 Scirocco 2015 >
1F 1F Eos 2006 >
3C 362 Passat saloon 2011 >
3C 365 Passat Variant 2011 >
3C 3G2 Passat 2015 >
3C 3G5 Passat Variant 2015 >
3CC 357 Passat CC 2009 >, CC 2010 >
3CC 358 CC 2012 >
3D 3D Phaeton 2003 >
5N 5N Tiguan 2008 >
7N 7N Sharan 2011 >
7P 7P Touareg 2010 >, Touareg 2015 >
COC document (EEC Certificate of Conformity)
Manufactures of motorized vehicles must apply for an EU operating permit for all class M1 passenger carrying vehicles. A certificate is produced on t ...

Handling problems

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Wheel bolt caps
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Incorporation of heat exchanger for high-voltage battery into coolant circuit of high-voltage system
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