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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Adjusting rear lid

Special tools and workshop equipment required

Torque wrench -V.A.G 1331-
Torque wrench -V.A.G 1331-


Setting gauge -3371-
Setting gauge -3371-


Adjusting rear lid

Use the setting gauge -3371- → Rep. gr.00 to check or set the gap dimensions.
–  Loosen striker pin -5- and adjust after adjustment of hinges and adjustment buffers → Anchor.
–  By loosening bolts -3- on left and right, it is possible to adjust rear lid -1- in oversized holes of hinge -arrows a- and -b-.
–  After completing adjustments, perform corrosion protection measures on hinge and bolts -3-.
–  Adjust adjustment buffer.
Specified torques
Adjusting adjustment buffer
If necessary, renew adjusting buffer → Anchor.

Adjusting adjustment buffer

–  Loosen clamping bolt -4- until it is visible in rubber buffer.
–  Pull detent slide -3- out of adjusting buffer -1-.
–  Adjust detent slide to dimension -a- = 12.5 mm.
–  Close rear lid in preliminary detent position with slight pressure in the middle.
–  Open rear lid again.

Adjusting adjustment buffer

–  Screw in clamping screw -1- of adjustment buffer -2- to a depth of -a - = 20 mm.
–  Check the adjustment.
Renew adjustment buffer.

Renew adjustment buffer

–  To remove adjustment buffer, turn entire buffer -1- through 90° -arrow a-.
–  Remove buffer from rear lid -3-.
–  Carefully check that stop -3- is correctly seated in side panel -4-.
–  To install, insert entire buffer -1- at right-angle into rear lid -arrow c-.
–  Turn buffer -1- through 90° -arrow b-.
–  Adjust buffers -1- → Anchor.

Adjusting striker pin
Special tools and workshop equipment required

Torque wrench -V.A.G 1331-
Torque wrench -V.A.G 1331-

  • If hexagon nuts are loosened -2-, it is possible to adjust striker pin -1- in the oversized holes of hinge -arrow a- and -arrow b-.
  • Adjust striker pin -1- so that the recess of the rear lid lock with rotary latch is centred -1- relative to the striker pin when it engages.

Adjusting striker pin

–  Remove trim for rear lid lock → General body repairs, interior; Rep. gr.70.
–  Loosen hexagon nuts -2-.
–  Move striker pin -1- into upper position and tighten hexagon nuts -2-.
–  Close rear lid and make sure adjustment has been carried out correctly.
Specified torques
  Hexagon nut → Chapter „Assembly overview - rear lid“
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