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Tesla Model X 2015-2023 Owner's Manual: Three Types of Keys

Model X supports three types of keys:

Model X supports a total of 19 keys, which can include phone keys, key cards, and up to four key fobs.

CAUTION: Remember to bring a key with you when you drive. Although you can drive Model X away from its key, you will be unable to power it back on after it powers off.

Phone Key

Using your phone as a key is a convenient way to access your Model X. As you approach, your phone's Bluetooth signal is detected and doors unlock when you press a door handle. Likewise, when you exit and walk away with the phone key, doors automatically lock (provided the Walk-Away Door Lock feature is turned on.

Before you can use a phone to access Model X, follow these steps to authenticate it:

1. Download the Tesla mobile app to your phone.

2. Log into the Tesla mobile app using your Tesla account username and password.

NOTE: You must remain logged in to your Tesla account to use your phone to access Model X.

NOTE: If multiple vehicles are linked to your Tesla account, you must ensure that the vehicle you want the mobile app to access is currently selected on the mobile app.

3. Ensure:

NOTE: Model X communicates with your phone using Bluetooth. Keep in mind that your phone must have enough battery power to run Bluetooth and that many phones disable Bluetooth when the battery is low.

4. While sitting inside the vehicle with a key card handy, open the Tesla mobile app and touch Set Up Phone Key on the main screen, or navigate to Security > Set Up Phone Key. Follow the prompts on the mobile app and vehicle touchscreen to set up your phone key.

To view a list of keys that can currently access Model X, or to remove a phone key, touch Controls > Locks.

Model X can connect to three phone keys simultaneously. Therefore, if more than three phone keys are detected and you want to authenticate or pair a different phone, move the other connected phone key(s) out of range or turn off its Bluetooth setting.

Once a phone has been authenticated, it no longer requires an internet connection to be used as a phone key for Model X. However, to use the phone hands-free, access your phone's contacts, play media from it, etc., you must also pair it and connect it as a Bluetooth device.


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