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Tesla Model X 2015-2023 Owner's Manual: Predicting Energy Usage

When navigating to a destination, Model X helps you anticipate your charging needs by calculating the amount of energy that remains when you reach your destination. When navigating, the map displays this calculation next to the battery icon on the turn-by-turn direction list (see Navigating to a Destination). When the turn-by-turn direction list is compressed, touch the top of the list to expand it.

The calculation that predicts how much energy you will use is an estimate based on driving style (predicted speed, etc.) and environmental factors (elevation changes, wind speed and direction, ambient and forecasted temperatures, air density and humidity, etc.). As you drive, Model X continuously learns how much energy it uses, resulting in improved accuracy over time. It is important to note that Model X predicts energy usage based on the driving style of the individual vehicle. For example, if you drive aggressively for a period of time, future range predictions will assume higher consumption. Also, if you purchase a used Tesla vehicle, it is recommended that you perform a factory reset (Controls > Service > Factory Reset) to ensure the predicted energy is as accurate as possible.

Throughout your route, Model X monitors energy usage and updates the estimate of energy remaining at the end of your trip. A popup warning displays on the turn- by-turn direction list in these situations:

NOTE: Some factors that contribute to predicted energy (such as forecasted temperatures and wind speed) are available only when Model X has internet connectivity.

To determine if you have enough energy for a round trip, touch the Battery icon on the turn-by-turn direction list to display an estimated calculation of your round trip energy usage.

Online Routing

Model X detects real-time traffic conditions and automatically adjusts the estimated driving and arrival times. In situations where traffic conditions will delay your estimated time of arrival and an alternate route is available, the navigation system can reroute you to your destination. You can also specify the minimum number of minutes that must be saved before you are rerouted. To turn this feature on or off, touch the map's settings icon (see Navigation Settings), then touch Online Routing.

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