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Tesla Model X 2015-2023 Owner's Manual: Locks

Keys: You can see all the keys used for Model X and their associated driver profiles. You can add, delete, and change the driver profile associated with each key (see Driver Profiles).

Window Lock: Locks the rear window switches.

Child Lock: If on, safety locks prevent the rear doors from being opened from inside the vehicle.

Walk-Away Door Lock: If on, doors automatically lock when you walk away from the vehicle carrying your key fob or phone key (see Walk-Away Door Lock).

Driver Door Unlock Mode: Driver Door Unlock Mode will only unlock the driver's door when first unlocking the vehicle.

Unlock on Park: If on, doors automatically unlock when you engage Park (see Unlock on Park).

Car Left Open Notification : Choose whether you want Model X to send a notification to your Tesla mobile app if your car remains open for over approximately 10 minutes after you have left:

Touch Exclude Home to disable the notification when Model X is parked at the location you set as Home in your Favorites list (see Home, Work, and Favorite Destinations).

NOTE: To use the Car Left Open Notification, the mobile access setting must be turned on (Controls > Safety > Allow Mobile Access).

NOTE: Notifications are not sent when Model X is in Camp Mode or if Tesla Theater (if equipped) is active.

Falcon Door Height: If set to AUTO, falcon wing doors open fully, taking into consideration any remembered location-based heights, and assuming an obstacle is not detected. If set to LOW, falcon wing doors open partially, further protecting occupants and the vehicle's interior from inclement weather conditions.

Automatic Doors: If on, the driver's door opens whenever you approach Model X and the key is detected. The driver's door also opens when you double-click the key and the passenger door opens with a subsequent double-click. If not enabled, the door (or doors) unlock, but you'll need to open the driver's door manually.

Close All With Key Fob: If on, a single-click of the key fob's lock/unlock button closes and locks all doors (and the rear trunk). If off, you must triple-click the button.

Lock Confirmation Sound: If on, a soft horn sounds whenever Model X locks or unlocks (see Walk-Away Door Lock).

Close Windows on Lock: If on, all windows automatically close when you lock Model X.


Control interior and exterior lights. See Lights.

NOTE: You can also control the exterior headlights by touching the high beam headlights button on the left side of the steering yoke and then choosing an option using the touchscreen. See High Beam Headlights.

NOTE: Depending on market region, vehicle configuration, options purchased, and software version, your vehicle may not be equipped with all Autopilot features described below Customize how some of ...

Appearance: Customize the display to be Dark or Light. When set to Auto, the brightness changes automatically based on ambient lighting conditions. Brightness: Drag the slider to manually contr ...

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