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Tesla Model X 2015-2023 Owner's Manual: Charging Locations

To display charging locations on the map, touch the map's search bar, then touch Charging. Charging locations are shown in a list (with the closest charging location at the top of the list) and represented by corresponding pins on the map. Touch a pin to display more information, navigate to it, or mark it as a favorite.

Touch the lightning bolt icons to specify the types of charging locations you want the map to include (by default, the map displays only superchargers):

Touch to include destination chargers.

Touch to include standard superchargers.

Touch to include high-powered superchargers.

NOTE: In some market regions, third-party fast chargers are also included as dark gray pins when you choose to display all charging stations.

The appearance of a charging location's pin reveals status information about the location. Touch the pin to display details.

The Supercharger location is operational and the number displayed on the pin represents the number of available Supercharger stalls.

NOTE: A Supercharger located on your current navigation route is colored black (or white, if the touchscreen is in night mode).

The Supercharger location is experiencing a high volume of users and you may need to wait before charging.

The Supercharger location may be operating at a reduced capacity.

The Supercharger location may be closed.

The Supercharger location has no data available but should be operational.

The location is either a destination charging location, a third-party fast charger, or a public charging station that you have previously used. Touch to display more information such as usage restrictions and available charge current.

NOTE: When the map is zoomed out and more than one destination charging location is available in an area, the pin is round and displays the number of stations. Touch the pin to zoom in. Then you can touch an individual pin for details about a specific location.

Touch a charging location's pin to display a popup from which you can:

NOTE: When navigating to a Supercharger (or third-party fast charger in some regions), Model X preconditions the Battery to prepare for charging. This ensures you arrive with an optimal Battery temperature, reducing the amount of time it takes to charge. In some circumstances (such as cold weather), it is normal for the motor(s) and components to make noise as it generates heat to warm the Battery (see Warming the Battery Before Supercharging).

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