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Tesla Model X 2015-2023 Owner's Manual: Adjusting Ride Height

CAUTION: Before adjusting the suspension height, ensure Model X is clear of all obstacles, above and below.

You can manually adjust the ride height by pressing the brake pedal touching Controls > Suspension on the touchscreen. The ride height settings that are available depend on your driving speed and other conditions (for example, the suspension does not lower if a door is open). Drag the slider to choose from these options:

NOTE: You can also raise the suspension to High by touching the Raise Suspension shortcut on the main Controls window.

*If the Default Ride Height to Low setting is turned off, the ride height is adjusted between Medium and Low to balance ride comfort with handling and range. To optimize handling and range, turn on the Default Ride Height to Low setting.

CAUTION: Avoid driving aggressively (hard accelerations, sharp turns, etc.) when the suspension is set to High or Very High. Doing so can cause vibration and increase the possibility of damage.

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