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Tesla Model X 2015-2023 Owner's Manual: Adaptive Suspension Damping

The settings associated with Adaptive Suspension Damping provide real-time adjustments to the suspension system to optimize both ride and handling. Choose from:

Touch Show Suspension Data to display detailed information about the dampers for each wheel, including ride height, compression and rebound values, and body accelerations.

NOTE: When Adaptive Suspension Damping is set to Comfort or Auto, the suspension may raise to improve ride comfort on rough roads. This feature depends on the availability of up-to-date map data that includes data indicating rough road sections.

Use Comfort Damping in Autopilot (if equipped) - By default, damping automatically sets to the Comfort setting when using Autopilot, and reverts back to your chosen setting when Autopilot is no longer in use. Turn this setting off to disable this feature.

NOTE: Settings for Adaptive Suspension Damping are disabled when Track Mode (if equipped) is engaged. Track Mode automatically optimizes adaptive damping settings to support aggressive driving on a closed circuit driving course (see Track Mode).

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Real-time Visualization
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