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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Wiring open circuit with one repair position

Repair position with single crimp connector
–  Place the wire to be repaired to one side (about 20 cm either side of the repair position).
–  If necessary, unbind the wiring harness using the folding knife.

Wiring open circuit with one repair position

–  Cut out the damaged piece of wiring using the wire strippers -VAS 1978/3-.
If, after the damaged wire has been cut out, both ends of the vehicle's own wiring are too short for a repair using single crimp connectors, use a piece of repair wire of the appropriate length with two crimp connectors → Chapter.

Wiring open circuit with one repair position

–  Strip the wire ends of insulation by 6 - 7 mm using the wire strippers.

Wiring open circuit with one repair position

–  Push the crimp connector on both stripped wire ends of the vehicle's own single wire and crimp it on using the crimping pliers.
Ensure without fail that the correct crimp recess is chosen for the crimp connectors being used → Chapter.
The insulation on the wires must not be crimped.
After crimping, the crimp connector has to be shrink fitted using the hot air blower in order to prevent any ingress of moisture.
–  Place shrink element for hot air blower -VAS 1978/15- on hot air blower, 220 V / 50 Hz -VAS 1978/14-.

Wiring open circuit with one repair position

–  Heat up the crimp connector using the hot air blower along a straight line, working from the middle outwards, until it is sealed completely and the adhesive escapes from the ends.
When shrink-fitting, take care not to damage any other wiring, plastic parts or insulating material with the hot air blower.
Observe the operating instructions of the hot air blower without fail!

Wiring open circuit with one repair position

Ensure that, where several wires have to be repaired, the crimp connectors are not directly adjacent to each other. To prevent the circumference of the wiring harness from becoming to great, position the crimp connectors so they are offset slightly.
If the repair position was already wrapped, this section has to be wrapped again with yellow insulation tape once the repair has been carried out.
Attach the repaired wiring harness with a cable tie, if necessary, to prevent it from generating noise when the vehicle is in motion.

Wiring open circuit with one repair position

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