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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Vehicles with torsion beam axle

–  If fitted, remove rear left underbody trim → General body repairs, exterior; Rep. gr.66.
–  Remove rear tunnel cross-piece → General body repairs, exterior; Rep. gr.66.
–  Loosen clamp -arrow- and push it to rear.
Risk of accident caused by high weight of silencers.Seek help from a second a mechanic for the following work.
–  Cut exhaust pipe → Chapter.

Vehicles with torsion beam axle

–  Unscrew bolt -2- on left and right.
–  Unscrew bolt -3- and remove silencer -1-.
Installation is carried out in the reverse order; note the following:
–  Aligning exhaust system free of tension → Chapter.
Specified torques
→ Chapter „Assembly overview - silencers“
→ Chapter „Assembly overview - emission control“
→ General body repairs, exterior; Rep. gr.66

Vehicles with torsion beam axle

Vehicles with multilink suspension
1 -  Rubber mounting Renew if damaged 2 -  Bolt 20 Nm 3 -  Mounting ...

Vehicles with multilink suspension
Removing –  If fitted, remove rear left underbody trim → General body repairs, exterior; Rep. gr.66. ...

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