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Volkswagen Golf Owners Manual: Upper section of the centre console

Fig. 7 Overview of the upper section of the centre console

Key for  :

  1. Indicator lamp for the front passenger front airbag switch-off function  
  2. Vent
  3. Infotainment system (factory-fitted)

    • Operating display  
    • Radio ⇒ BookletRadio,
    • Navigation system ⇒ BookletNavigation system,
  4. Button for the right seat heating
  5. Controls for:

    • Heating and fresh air system  
    • Air conditioning system (manual)  
    • Climatronic  
    • Auxiliary heater (supplementary heating system)  
  6. Button for the left seat heating
  7. Hazard warning lights button
Overview of the centre console

Lower section of the centre console
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