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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Test prerequisites

Radiator and condenser must be clean (clean them if necessary).
The heat insulation on expansion valve is OK and properly installed. See vehicle-specific repair manual → Rep. gr.87.
The poly V-belt is OK and properly tensioned. The V-belt for air conditioner compressor and alternator is in good condition and correctly tensioned. See vehicle-specific repair manual → Rep. gr.87
All air ducts, covers and seals are OK and properly installed.
Fault-finding on the electrical systems and vacuum system has found no faults. See vehicle-specific repair manual → Rep. gr.87
Self-diagnosis of the air conditioning system with the vehicle diagnosis, testing and information system -VAS 5051A- using “guided fault finding” cannot detect any faults; no switch-off conditions for the air conditioner compressor are set in the measured value block (only when the vehicle “air conditioning system” is fitted with self-diagnosis).
The passage of air through the dust and pollen filter is not impaired by dirt. See vehicle-specific repair manual → Rep. gr.87
The heater and air conditioner does not draw any secondary air at highest fresh air blower speed. The evaporator and heating do not draw any uncooled air at highest fresh air blower speed. See vehicle-specific repair manual → Rep. gr.87
The air duct flaps in the heater and air conditioner reach their stop positions. See vehicle-specific repair manual → Rep. gr.87
The fresh air intake ducts under the bonnet and in the passenger compartment and their water drain valves are in good condition. See vehicle-specific repair manual → Rep. gr.87
The engine is at operating temperature.
The vehicle is not exposed to direct sunlight.
The ambient temperature is higher than 15°C.
All dash panel air vents are open.
With engine running and air conditioning set for maximum cooling output:
→ Rep. gr.87
Setting maximum cooling output
Settings on operating and display unit for Climatronic air conditioning system -E87-
–  Select “Auto” mode (air conditioner compressor switched on).
–  Select temperature setting “LO” for driver and front passenger.
Settings on heater controls:
–  A/C button and Rec or recirculate buttons should be pressed.
–  Set rotary temperature switch to “Cold” stop.
–  Set rotary fresh air blower switch to “4”.
The radiator fan(s) should be running radiator fan -V7- (at least at speed 1).*
In some versions, the fan is not switched on until the pressure in the refrigerant circuit has exceeded a specified value.
The fresh air blower -V2- should be running at maximum speed.
The air flap for fresh air and air recirculation moves to the “recirculation” position or the air flow flap closes and the recirculation flap opens (within 1 minute of starting the vehicle).
The coolant shut-off valve is closed. *
The valves for the pump valve unit are closed (and the coolant circulation pump is not pumping).*
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Checking pressures
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