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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Test preparations, wheel alignment with no driver assist systems

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Test preparations, wheel alignment with no driver assist systems

Special tools and workshop equipment required
Wheel alignment computer -V.A.G 1813F- or VW/Audi-approved wheel alignment units
Brake pedal depressor -V.A.G 1869/2-
Tool insert 18 mm -T10179-
Shock absorber set -T10001-

The existing lateral run-out of the wheel must be compensated for. Otherwise, the result of the measurement will be incorrect.
If run-out compensation is not performed, it is not possible to adjust toe-in correctly!
Please follow the instructions of the manufacturer of the wheel alignment equipment.
–  Carry out wheel runout compensation.
–  Apply brake pedal depressor -V.A.G 1869/2-.
–  Use brake pedal depressor to depress brake pedal.
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