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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Safety precautions when working on fuel supply system

Risk of injury due to highly-pressurised fuel.
The fuel system is under high pressure. Risk of injury due to fuel which may spurt out.
–  Release high pressure before opening the fuel system.
For a description of the procedure for releasing the high pressure, refer to → Chapter „Releasing high pressure in fuel system“.
Risk of fire due to escaping fuel
If the battery is connected, the door contact switch will activate the fuel pump when the door is opened. Escaping fuel may ignite and cause a fire.
–  Disconnect the fuel pump from the power supply before opening the fuel system.

Safety precautions when working on vehicles with a Start/Stop system

Risk of injury due to unexpected engine start-up
In the case of vehicles with activated Start/Stop system, the engine may start up unexpectedly. The status of the Start/Stop system is indicated by a message in the dash panel insert.
–  Deactivate Start/Stop system by switching off the ignition.
Safety instructions

Safety precautions during road tests in which test and measuring equipment is used
Risk of injury due to unsecured test and measuring equipment If a front passenger airbag is triggered during an accident, unsecured test and measuring equipment can become dang ...

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