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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Removing and installing windscreen

  The removal of a bonded window is described using the Removal kit for flush bonded windows -V.A.G 1474 A-.
  Alternatively, you can also use the cutting tool for bonded windows -VAS 6452-.
  Another alternative is to use the window removal set -VAS 6888-.
Special tools and workshop equipment required
  Removal kit for flush bonded windows -V.A.G 1474 A- or Removal kit for flush bonded windows -VAS 6452-
  Suction lifter -V.A.G 1344-
  Cutting tool -V.A.G 1351-
  Windscreen removal kit -V.A.G 1755-
  Cartridge gun -V.A.G 1628-
  Cartridge heater -V.A.G 1939-
  Electric cutter -V.A.G 1561 A-
  Cutting blade -V.A.G 1561/2-
  Cutting blade -V.A.G 1561/8-
  Setting gauge -3371-
  Cutting blade -V.A.G 1561/19-

Removing and installing windscreen

  Double cartridge gun -VAS 5237-
–  Remove A-pillar upper trims on left and right → General body repairs, interior; Rep. gr.70.
–  Remove left and right sun visors → General body repairs, interior; Rep. gr.68.
–  Remove interior mirror → General body repairs, interior; Rep. gr.68.
–  For vehicles with front camera for driver assist systems -R242- remove front camera → Electrical system; Rep. gr.96
–  Lower moulded headliner in area of windscreen → General body repairs, interior; Rep. gr.70.
–  Moulded headliner can now be lowered sufficiently to allow windscreen to be cut out without damage occurring to moulded headliner.
–  Removing plenum chamber cover → Chapter.

Removing and installing windscreen

Removing and installing windscreen

On vehicles with heated windscreen
–  Unscrew hexagon nut -6-, and bond line -5- to windscreen.
–  Disconnect connectors -1 and 3-.
–  Bond lines -2 and 4- to windscreen.

Removing and installing windscreen

–  Slide suitable covering film -V.A.G 1474/8- between windscreen and dash panel.
–  Pull cutting cord -1- through adhesive sealing material into inside of vehicle using awl -V.A.G 1474/2-.

–  Secure inside end of cutting cord against falling out using Pull toggle -V.A.G 1351/1--3-.
–  Insert cutting cord -2- into window flange using tube -1-.
–  Place cutting cord around the front windscreen.
–  Ensure that cutting cord lies under front windscreen in corners.
  Removing and installing windscreen

Removing and installing windscreen

–  Attach the ends of cords -4- on removal kit for flush bonded windows -VAS 6452--1-.
–  Put cutting cord around suction cups of reel device -arrow-.
–  Use plastic wedge -2- to press cutting cord against windscreen while cutting in order to have clearance at window flange and dash panel.

Removing and installing windscreen

–  Position removal kit for flush bonded windows -VAS 6452- at lower corners of windscreen.
–  Change permanently position of left removal kit for flush bonded windows -VAS 6452- from “position I”to “position III” and cut windscreen free.
–  Change permanently position of right removal kit for flush bonded windows -VAS 6452- from “position IV”to “position VI” and cut windscreen free.
–  Use two suction lifters -V.A.G 1344- to lift the windscreen from the vehicle.

  The windscreen as a genuine replacement part is delivered with spacers.
  In vehicles without panorama sliding sunroof, the spacers -1- remain installed.
  In vehicles with panorama sliding sunroof, the seal -4- must be installed.

Removing and installing windscreen

–  Separate spacers -1- with a suitable tool.
–  Bond seal -4- to edge of windscreen.
–  For vehicles with front camera for driver assist systems -R242- install front camera → Electrical system; Rep. gr.96 and calibrate front camera → Running gear, axles, steering; Rep. gr.44.
–  Preparing old undamaged window for glazing → Chapter.
–  Preparing new window for glazing → Chapter.
–  Preparing body flange for glazing → Chapter.
–  Installation instructions → Chapter
–  Minimum curing period → Chapter
Removing broken windscreen
Removal of a broken windscreen is performed in the same manner as the removal a broken rear window → Chapter.
Assembly overview - windscreen
1 -  Windscreen Removing and installing → Chapter 2 -  PUR adhesive sealant Cross section of bead: -width b- = 7 m ...

Rear window

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