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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Removing and installing washer jets

Removal and installation are described for the left side. Removal and installation on the right side are carried out in the same way.
–  Remove pop-up cylinder → Chapter.
–  Press fasteners in direction of arrow -A-.
–  Pull spray jet -1- out of pop-up cylinder -2-.
Install in the reverse order of removal, observing the following:
Ensure that the spray jet engages audibly when being pushed into the pop-up cylinder.

Removing and installing washer jets

Adjusting spray jets
The delivered spray jets are preset by the manufacturer so that there is no need to adjust them following installation.
–  Checking adjustment of spray jets → Booklet36.1.

Washer fluid lines

Repairing washer fluid lines
All instructions and notes regarding this chapter are available under → Electrical System, General Information; Rep. gr.92.
Removing and installing pop-up cylinder, »R«
Special tools and workshop equipment required Drip tray Removing   Note Removal and ...

Lights, lamps, switches outside

Other materials:

Saw-tooth wear
Saw-tooth wear is a stepped wear pattern on the individual tread blocks → Fig. that can cause increased tyre noise. The saw tooth is caused by uneven deformation of the tread blocks in the tyre's contact patch. Saw-tooth wear is more pronounce ...

Removing and installing windscreen washer pump
Special tools and workshop equipment required Drip tray Removing –  Remove front left wheel housing liner → General body repairs, exterior; Rep. gr.66. ...

This chapter contains information on the following subjects:  → Indicator lamp  → Information on changing bulbs  → Changing bulbs in the halogen headlights  → Changing bulbs in xenon headlights  → Changing bulbs in the front bumper  → Changing bulbs ...

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