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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Removing and installing the starter button -E378-

The removal and installation procedures are described for LHD vehicles. Removal and installation for RHD vehicles are similar.
–  Unclip and remove gear lever gaiter upwards from centre console → Rep. gr.34.
–  Press starter button -E378--1- out of centre console -2- from below. When doing so, retaining clips become released.
–  Disconnect electrical connectors.
Installation is carried out in the reverse sequence.
–  Test functionality.

Removing and installing the starter button -E378-

Removing and installing rear lid contact switch for anti-theft alarm -F123-
The rear lid contact switch is an integral part of the rear lid lock and cannot be renewed individually.
–  Removing and installing rear lid lock → General body repairs, exterior; Rep. gr.55.
Removing and installing vanity mirror contact switch -F147-/-F148-
The vanity mirror contact switch is as integral part of the sun visor bracket and cannot be renewed individually if defective.
–  Removing and installing sun visor → General body repairs, interior; Rep. gr.68.
Removing and installing electromechanical parking brake button -E538-/auto-hold button -E540-
  Note The electromechanical parking brake button -E538- and the auto-hold button -E540- are combined to form one component and cannot be separated ...

Removing and installing sunroof button -E325-
Removing –  Remove front interior light -WX1- → Chapter.     –&n ...

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