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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Removing and installing subwoofer -R211-

Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual / Communication / Infotainment / Sound system / Removing and installing subwoofer -R211-

The subwoofer -R211- is located in the spare wheel well.
–  Switch off ignition and all electrical consumers, and remove ignition key.
–  Take out luggage compartment floor.
–  Release and detach connector -2- on subwoofer -R211--1-.
–  Remove bolt -3- from subwoofer -R211--1-.
–  Lift out subwoofer -R211--1-.
Install in the reverse order of removal. When doing this, note the following:

Removing and installing subwoofer -R211-

Specified torques
Component Specified torque
Bolt -3- on subwoofer -R211- 3 Nm
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