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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Removing and installing rear window regulator switch in door -E52-/-E54-

Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual / Electrical system / Lights, lamps, switches inside, anti- theft system / Controls / Removing and installing rear window regulator switch in door -E52-/-E54-

Removal and installation are described for the left side. Removal and installation on the right side are carried out in the same way (mirror image of left side).
–  Remove rear door trim → General body repairs, interior; Rep. gr.70.
–  Using a small screwdriver, release locking devices in direction of arrow -A-.
–  Release retaining tab -2- in direction of arrow -B-.
–  Take window regulator switch -3- out of switch mounting and remove towards rear.
–  Disconnect electrical connector -1-.
Installation is carried out in the reverse sequence.
–  Test functionality.

Removing and installing rear window regulator switch in door -E52-/-E54-

Removing and installing rear door contact switches -F10-/-F11-
The door contact switch is installed in the door lock and cannot be renewed separately in the event of malfunction.
–  Removing and installing rear door lock → General body repairs, exterior; Rep. gr.58.
Removing and installing button for deactivating interior monitoring and vehicle inclination sensor -E616-
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Removing and installing electromechanical parking brake button -E538-/auto-hold button -E540-
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