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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Removing and installing lock cylinder

Removing and installing lock cylinder
Special tools and workshop equipment required
  The removal and installation sequence is only for the left lock cylinder. The right side is similar.
  Different covers -4, 6 or 7- might be installed.

Torque wrench -V.A.G 1783-
Torque wrench -V.A.G 1783-

Removing and installing lock cylinder

–  Remove cover cap for lock cylinder → Chapter
–  Lift covers -4 and 6- or -7-.
–  Remove bolt -5-.
–  Screw out bolt -8- to stop.
–  Press in bolt -8- with locking mechanism -9--arrow a-. Only then is the lock cylinder released.
–  Pull door handle -2- off door.
–  Pull lock cylinder housing -1- perpendicular -arrow b- to the door out of the mounting bracket -3-.


Removing and installing lock cylinder

–  Pull door handle -2- off door.
–  Push lock cylinder housing -1- into door handle bracket -3- at a right-angle -arrow a-.
–  Screw bolts -5 and 8- into mounting bracket. Bolt -8- is used to pull locking mechanism -9- in its correct position -arrow b-.
During installation, lock cylinder housing must be pressed against outer door panel.
Further installation is performed in the reverse order of removal.
It is essential that a functional check is then performed with the door open.
Specified torques
Removing and installing cover cap, without lock cylinder
  Note The cover cap is installed when no lock cylinder is fitted. Removing Special tools and workshop equipment ...

Removing and installing door handle
Removing   Note Removal and installation are described only for the right door handle. The left side is similar.   ...

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