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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Removing and installing head restraint



The head restraints can be renewed with front seat installed.
  The release button of the driver seat is located on outer right side in direction of travel. The release button of the front passenger seat is located on inner left side in direction of travel.
–  Move front seat to foremost and lowest position and tilt backrest by 45°.
–  Press padding in area of head restraint guides downwards a little.
–  Push safety catch -1- of each of the two head restraint guides towards the holding tube as far as it will go.
–  Pull head restraint out of backrest.

Removing and installing head restraint

Installation is carried out in reverse order.
Removing and installing lumbar support adjustment
Special tools and workshop equipment required       Removal pliers -3392-   Note ...

Removing and installing head restraint guide
Removing –  Remove backrest cover and backrest padding → Chapter.     ...

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