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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Removing and installing alternator, GTD

Special tools and workshop equipment required
Torque wrench -V.A.G 1331-

Removing and installing alternator, GTD

Torque wrench -V.A.G 1783-
–  With ignition switched off, disconnect earth cable from battery -A- → Chapter.
–  Remove tensioner for poly V-belt → Rep. gr.13.
–  Remove front part of right wheel housing liner → Rep. gr.66.
–  Remove radiator cowl → Rep. gr.19.
–  Drain off coolant → Rep. gr.19.
–  Remove coolant hose from radiator → Rep. gr.19.
Vehicles with auxiliary heater
–  Remove auxiliary heater exhaust pipe → Rep. gr.82.
Vehicles with air conditioner
Risk of damage to air conditioner compressor, refrigerant lines and refrigerant hoses:
Make sure refrigerant lines and hoses are not excessively stretched, kinked or bent.
–  Remove air conditioner compressor from bracket → Heating, air conditioning system; Rep. gr.87.
–  Secure air conditioner compressor to lock carrier so that refrigerant lines are not under tension.
Continued for all vehicles

Removing and installing alternator, GTD

–  Remove bolts -1-.
If alternator -C--2- is stuck in its bracket, screw bolts in again except for the last 2 turns.
Carefully hit bolt heads with flat side of hammer to release sliding bushes of alternator mounting.
–  Remove alternator -C--2- from bracket with electrical wiring still connected.
–  Disconnect electrical connector -3-.
–  Pry off cap -4-.
–  Unscrew nut and remove terminal 30/B+ -5-.
–  Unscrew nut -6- and pull off clamp -7-.
–  Remove alternator -C--2- downwards to the right.
Install in the reverse order of removal, observing the following:
–  To facilitate positioning of alternator -C-, slide bushes of alternator mounting slightly towards back.
Ensure that bushes of alternator mounting slide freely and are not to tight (loosen, if necessary); otherwise clamping force of sliding bushes is too low even if specified torque is applied.
–  Reconnect battery -A- → Chapter.
–  Always start engine and check belt running after completing work.
Specified torques
→ Chapter „Assembly overview - alternator“

Removing and installing alternator, GTD

Checking alternator

  Checking alternator -C- → Vehicle diagnostic tester.
Removing and installing alternator, vehicles with TDI engine
Special tools and workshop equipment required     Torque wrench -V.A.G 1331-   ...

Removing and installing poly V-belt pulley without freewheel
Special tools and workshop equipment required     Socket -3310-   ...

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