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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Release tools for contacts

The various release tools serve as a means of detaching the different contacts from the contact housings without damage.
A selection of release tools is included in wiring harness repair set -VAS 1978- and wiring harness repair set -VAS 1978A-. The complete set of release tools is included in release tool set -VAS 1978/35- → Chapter.
Some tools are equipped with a tool safety device. This must be pushed over the tip of the tool after use in order to protect the tip and prevent injury.
Releasing and dismantling contact housings → Chapter.

Release tools for contacts

Special pliers with insert
The special pliers without insert -VAS 1978/1- with insert for special pliers -VAS 1978/2- is part of the wiring harness repair set -VAS 1978- and is used to crimp co ...

Assembly tools for single wire seals
The assembly tools serve as a means of sliding the single wire seals fully into the contact housing without damage and thereby assure complete sealing between single ...

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