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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Pre-bleeding brake system pressure accumulator -VX70-

Special tools and workshop equipment required
Sealing plug repair kit -1H0 698 311 A-

Pre-bleeding brake system pressure accumulator -VX70-

–  Connect commercially available bleed bottle -2- to brake system pressure accumulator -VX70--1- using suitable bleed hose.
–  Open bleeder valve -arrow A-.
–  Fill in brake fluid until it flows bubble-free out of threaded hole -arrow B-.
–  Close bleeder valve -arrow A-.
–  Seal threaded hole -arrow B- using sealing plugs from repair kit -1H0 698 311 A-.
–  Install brake system pressure accumulator -VX70- → Chapter.

Pre-bleeding brake system pressure accumulator -VX70-

Subsequent bleeding of hydraulic system
  Note Carry out subsequent bleeding when: brake pedal travel is too long or so-called »soft brake pedal« ...

Testing for leaks
Special tools and workshop equipment required Tester for brake pressure regulator -V.A.G 1310 A-     ...

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