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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Overview of fitting locations - storage compartments/covers

Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual / General body repairs, interior / Interion equipment / Compartments/covers / Overview of fitting locations - storage compartments/covers

Overview of fitting locations - storage compartments/covers

1 -  Dash panel
2 -  Glove compartment
3 -  Centre console
4 -  Steering column trim
5 -  Driver side dash panel cover

Assembly overview - driver side footwell cover
1 -  Driver side footwell cover Removing and installing → Chapter 2 -  Bracket 3 -  Bolt 1.5& ...

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Removing and installing suction-jet pump
On vehicles with four-wheel drive the fuel tank is divided into a left and a right chamber. A suction-jet pump -2- is used for delivering fuel from the left fuel tank chamber to the baffle housing of the fuel delivery unit -1- on the right. ...

Removing and installing TV tuner, Golf
Special tools and workshop equipment required     Protective cap for wiring harness connector -VAS 6223/9- If the control unit is replaced, select the Replace function of the resp ...

Assembly overview - brake servo/brake master cylinder, LHD vehicles
  Note Only use new brake fluid conforming to VW standard (VW 501 14).     1 -  Self-locking hexagon nut Always renew after removing Bolting sequence U ...

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