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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Notes for wheel alignment

Wheel alignment must be performed only using a VW/AUDI-approved wheel alignment unit!
Whenever wheels are aligned, both the front and rear axles must be measured.
–  Carry alignment out with the wheel alignment computer.
All the information on wheel alignment can be found in the wheel alignment computer.
Current data »updates« are located in VW ServiceNet.
→ VW ServiceNet; Systems; Wheel alignment computer software; Wheel alignment; Beissbarth
→ VW ServiceNet; Systems; Wheel alignment computer software; Wheel alignment; Hunter
→ VW ServiceNet; Systems; Wheel alignment computer software; Wheel alignment; Corghi
→ VW ServiceNet; Systems; Wheel alignment computer software; Wheel alignment; John Bean
Wheel alignment should not be checked before the vehicle has completed 1,000 to 2,000 km because the coil springs must settle.
When making adjustments, adhere to the relevant specifications as closely as possible.
Whenever adjustments are made to the running gear, always check whether any driver assist systems must be recalibrated following the adjustments.
Crabbing and accident damaged vehicles
This may be due to the rack in the steering rack not being exactly centred when vehicle is driven in a straight line.
Power steering assistance is thereby slightly one sided, rather than central. The vehicle will pull to one side as a consequence.
When checking the alignment of a “vehicle which pulls to one side”, always ensure that the steering rack is centred.
→ Chapter „Safety precautions when working on subframe“ Note.
Wheel alignment

Test prerequisites
Check wheel suspension, wheel bearing assembly and steering for excessive play and damage. Tread depth difference of no more than 2 mm on ...

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