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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Handling and transporting steering column

Adherence to proper steering column handling is essential.
Improper handling of steering column may damage the steering column, leading to safety risks.
Proper steering column handling and transport
Use both hands to transport steering column.
Hold steering column upper jacket tube and in area of upper universal joint.

Handling and transporting steering column

Improper handling of steering column
Transportation using the clamping lever leads to primary steering column damage.

Handling and transporting steering column

Improper handling of steering column with safety risks
Following methods of handling will damage universal joint bushes and lower steering column bearing:
Transporting steering column with one hand on drive shaft.
Bending joints more than 90°.

Handling and transporting steering column

Checking steering column for damage
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Removing and installing steering column, LHD
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