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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: General

Volkswagen vehicles are built according to the latest findings in safety engineering. To keep it that way, we recommend the use of only genuine Volkswagen spare parts. These can be recognised by the VW Audi logo and by the part number. It has been established that these parts are reliable, safe and suitable.
Despite constant appraisal of the market, we cannot assess other products on these points, even when in isolated cases they have been passed by official inspectors or have been granted official approval. Therefore, we cannot, of course, assume any liability if these products are installed.
The products from Volkswagen genuine parts and Volkswagen genuine accessories may differ in fitting requirements, torque specifications and so on.
Observe specified torques for wheel bolts.
Observe assembly and operating instructions.
The wheel and tyre combinations or changes listed in the vehicle tables refer exclusively to Volkswagen Genuine wheels. Approval of wheel and tyre combinations or a change to wheels from the accessories trade is not possible with the certificate statement attached here.
Notes regarding the recommended tyres
Tyres are one of the most important elements in motor vehicle construction and have a major influence on road safety. Therefore, they must fulfil numerous conditions which are specified for tyre manufacturers in the DIN (German industrial standards) and the directives of the German rubber industry e. V. (W.d.K.). In addition, comprehensive testing is carried out at Volkswagen before tyres are approved for initial fitting on our vehicles.
The following lists all tyre makes and tread patterns that are fitted to VW vehicles ex-factory, correct at the time of publication.
These tyre makes and tread patterns meet the aforementioned demands. We therefore recommend the tyres/tread types listed in this guide are chosen as replacements.
Bear in mind the special aspects that need to be taken into account in the case of tyres with emergency running properties → Wheels and Tyres Guide - General information; Rep. gr.44.
The sizes of the winter tyres listed in the table are the most sensible from the handling and economic aspects. Of course, all other wheel-and-tyre combinations listed in the COC paper (EEC Certificate of Conformity) and/or in part I of the registration certificate may also be mounted as M&S tyres

Explanations regarding world regions

The countries belonging to world regions are listed below.
World regions Countries in the world regions
AGCC (Arab Gulf Cooperation Council) Bahrain
  Saudi Arabia
  United Arab Emirates
Europe Belgium
  The Netherlands
  Czech Republic
  Great Britain
North America USA
Scandinavia Denmark
South America Argentina
Wheel and tyre combinations

Golf 2013 - from model year 2013, sales type 5G1
  Note The specified wheel and tyre combinations apply for all the gearboxes allocated to the respective engines. Deviations from this are specially indicated ...

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