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If you suspect that there is a fault in the vehicle or if your vehicle has been damaged, read and observe the following information before contacting a Volkswagen dealership or qualified workshop. You may also find useful information in the index under the headings Things to note or Checklist.

Irregularity Some possible causes Possible solution
Engine does not start. Vehicle battery is discharged. – Jump start the engine .
– Recharge the vehicle battery.
An incorrect vehicle key is being used. Use a valid vehicle key.
Fuel level is too low. Fill the tank.
Smoke is coming from the wing. Auxiliary heater is running. Switch off the auxiliary heater.
Supplementary fuel-powered heater is running. No solution.
Vehicle cannot be locked or unlocked with the vehicle key. – Battery in vehicle key discharged.
– Too far away from vehicle.
– Buttons pressed outside the effective range.
– Replace battery .
– Move closer to the vehicle.
– Synchronise vehicle key .
– Unlock or lock vehicle manually.
Unusual noises. Cold engine, brake support systems, ACC, electronic steering column lock, electronic parking brake, Auto Hold, auxiliary heater. Refer to the index under entries for Noises.
Unusual handling. Assist systems are active. Refer to the index under entries for Assist systems.
Dual clutch gearbox DSG® is too hot. Stop the vehicle immediately.
The exterior mirrors move when unlocking. Convenience settings are saved. Correct convenience settings.
Front seats cannot be adjusted electrically. Vehicle battery is discharged. Recharge vehicle battery.
Fuse blown. Check fuse and replace as necessary.
The vehicle has no vehicle jack, spare wheel or breakdown set. Equipment depends on type of vehicle. No direct solutions possible as it depends on the equipment level. Contact a Volkswagen dealership if necessary .
Vehicle equipped with mobility tyres.
The interior monitoring system triggers a false alarm. – Windows or electric panorama sliding/tilting roof are open.
– Item attached to the interior mirror is moving.
– Mobile telephone vibrates in the vehicle.
Remove any objects that could trigger a false alarm .
Functions are not working as described in the owner's manual. Settings have been made in the Volkswagen information system. Check and if necessary reset back to factory settings .
The road ahead is not lit up properly. – Headlight has been adjusted for driving on the left or on the right.
– Headlight not adjusted correctly.
– Bulbs have failed.
– Dipped beam headlight not switched on.
– Switch the headlights over for driving on the left or right .
– Adjust headlight range .
– Change bulbs .
– Switch the dipped beam headlights on.
Electrical consumers not working. Low vehicle battery charge. Recharge vehicle battery.
Low fuel level. Fill the tank.
Fuse blown. Check fuse and replace as necessary.
Fuel consumption is higher than indicated. – Short distances driven.
– Uneven acceleration.
– Avoid driving short distances.
– Think ahead when driving.
– Accelerate evenly.
An electrical consumer is switched on. Switch off all consumers that are not needed.
Fault in engine management system. Have the fault rectified.
Tyre pressure too low. Adjust the tyre pressure.
Driving in hilly regions. No direct solutions possible.
Driving with a trailer or roof carrier. – Check whether it is needed.
– Remove when not needed.
Driving with a heavy load. No direct solutions possible.
Driving at high engine speed. Select a high gear.
Practical tips

In an emergency

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