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Volkswagen Golf Owners Manual: Description

First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings

The full range of functions of the ProActive occupant protection system will only be available if the function has been activated in the infotainment system, the Sport driving mode is not active, and there are no faults   .

Basic functions

Depending on country-specific legal requirements and also on the vehicle equipment level, the following functions may be initiated, either singularly or jointly, in critical situations (e.g. emergency braking or over or understeering) as of a speed of approximately 30 km/h (18 mph):

ProActive occupant protection settings in the infotainment system

ProActive occupant protection can be activated or deactivated using the  button and the and Driver assistance function buttons in the infotainment system   .

If the checkbox in the function button is ticked , the function is active and will provide the maximum level of assistance.

The ProActive occupant protection system will be reactivated every time the ignition is switched on.

Setting ProActive occupant protection in Driving Mode Selection

In vehicles with Driving Mode Selection, ProActive occupant protection is adjusted to the vehicle settings when the Sport driving mode is selected   .

Error message

A message will be shown in the instrument cluster display if there is a malfunction or fault in the ProActive occupant protection system   .

The ProActive occupant protection system should be checked by a qualified dealership if it does not function as described in this chapter.

Function limitations

The ProActive occupant protection system will not be available, or will only be available to a limited extent, in the following situations:


Accidents and injuries can occur if the driver is distracted.
First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings  Display Solution ProActive occupant protection not available Go to a ...

Tyre monitoring system

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