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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Assembly overview - wing

Volkswagen R GmbH, optional equipment, “R Line” and “R”
Only the left side is shown. The right side is similar.

Assembly overview - wing

1 -  Wing
2 -  Bolt
3 -  Bolt
4 -  Insulation for rib section
5 -  Wing insulation
6 -  Hexagon nut
7 -  Guide bracket
8 -  Centre hex stud
9 -  Wing bracket
10 -  Bolt
11 -  Deformable element

Assembly overview - deformable element
1 -  Front deformable element 2 -  Bolt 6.0 Nm 3 -  Rear deformable element 4 -  Bolt ...

Other materials:

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Operating Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
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