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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Assembly overview - trailing arm, except for e-Golf

Assembly overview - trailing arm, except for e-Golf

1 -  Cover
2 -  Bolt
Renew after removing
50 Nm +45°
3 -  Mounting bracket
4 -  Bolt
Renew after removing
90 Nm +90°
5 -  Wheel bearing housing
Different versions possible. Refer to → Electronic Parts Catalogue “ETKA”
6 -  Trailing arm
Removing and installing → Chapter
7 -  Bonded rubber bush
Note correct installation position
Renewing → Chapter.
8 -  Bolt
M12 x 1.5
Renew after removing
70 Nm +90°
9 -  Bolt
M14 x 1.5
Renew after removing
70 Nm +90°
Assembly overview - suspension, multi-link suspension, four-wheel drive
1 -  Drive shaft 2 -  Bolt Renew after removing 70 Nm +90° 3 -  Wheel bearing hous ...

Removing and installing wheel bearing housing, multi-link suspension, front-wheel drive
Special tools and workshop equipment required     Torque wrench -V.A.G 1332-   ...

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