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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Assembly overview - ignition system

Assembly overview - ignition system

1 -  Bolt
The specified torque influences the function of the knock sensor.
20 Nm
2 -  Knock sensor 1 -G61-
Removing and installing → Chapter
3 -  Spark plug
Remove and install with spark plug socket and extension -3122 B-.
Specified torque: 22 Nm
Change interval: → Maintenance tables.
4 -  Ignition coil with output stage and spark plug connectors
Ignition coil with output stage and spark plug connectors are available individually for repairs → ETKA (Electronic Parts Catalogue
Ignition coil 1 with output stage -N70-
Ignition coil 2 with output stage -N127-
Ignition coil 3 with output stage -N291-
Ignition coil 4 with output stage -N292-
To remove, use puller -T10530-.
Removing and installing → Chapter
5 -  Bolt
8 Nm
6 -  Bolt
8 Nm
7 -  Hall sender -G40-
Removing and installing → Chapter
8 -  O-ring
9 -  Bolt
8 Nm
10 -  Hall sender 3 -G300-
Removing and installing → Chapter
11 -  O-ring
Renew if damaged
12 -  Sender wheel
For engine speed sender -G28-
Removing and installing → Chapter
13 -  Sealing flange, gearbox side
Removing and installing → Chapter
14 -  Engine speed sender -G28-
Removing and installing → Chapter
15 -  Bolt
4.5 Nm

Test data, spark plugs

Firing order 1-3-4-2
Spark plugs
VW part number → Remark 04E 905 612 04E 905 601
Electrode gap 0.65 ... 0.75 mm 0.70 ... 0.80 mm
Specified torque 22 Nm
Change interval → Booklet
1)  Current spark plugs → Electronic Parts Catalogue (ETKA)
Ignition system, glow plug system

Removing and installing ignition coils with output stage
Special tools and workshop equipment required     Puller -T10530-   Note ...

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