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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Assembly overview - front three-point seat belt, 2-door model

Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual / General body repairs, interior / Pasanger protection / Seat belts / Assembly overview - front three-point seat belt, 2-door model

Assembly overview - front three-point seat belt, 2-door model

1 -  Bolt
2 -  Belt end fitting
3 -  Bolt
4 -  Belt inertia reel
5 -  Bolts
6 -  Front belt guide
7 -  Bolt
8 -  Belt guide fitting
9 -  Bolt
10 -  Belt height adjustment
11 -  Washer
12 -  Bolt
13 -  Retaining loop
Overview of fitting locations - seat belts and anchorage points, estate
1 -  Front belt buckles Assembly overview → Chapter Removing and installing → Chapter 2 -  Front belt end anchor ...

Assembly overview - front three-point seat belt, 4-door model and estate
1 -  Bolt If removed due to an accident with seat belt fastened, renew bolt. 40 Nm 2 -  Belt end fitting Removing and installi ...

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