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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Assembly overview - front brakes

After every brake pad change, depress brake pedal firmly several times with vehicle stationary, so that brake pads are properly seated in their normal operating position.
Use the brake filling and bleeding equipment -VAS 5234- to draw off brake fluid from the brake fluid reservoir.
Before removing a brake caliper or disconnecting a brake hose, fit brake pedal depressor -V.A.G 1869/2- (when doing this, release pressure in system).
Assembly overview - front brakes PC57 and C60:

Assembly overview - front brakes

1 -  Splash plate
2 -  Torx bolt
12 Nm
3 -  Brake disc
Internally ventilated
Wear limits → Chapter
Always renew on both sides of an axle.
Remove brake caliper and brake carrier prior to removing.
4 -  Torx bolt
4.5 Nm
5 -  Brake carrier
Apply thin coat of lithium grease G 052150 A2 to brake pad guide surfaces.
6 -  Brake pads
Thickness: 14 mm not including backplate.
With front right brake pad wear indicator
When wear reaches a predetermined limit (approx. 4 mm), the warning lamp in the dash panel insert comes on. Sensors can be renewed individually.
Wear limit: 2 mm not including backplate.
Checking thickness → Booklet.
Always renew on both sides of an axle.
Removing and installing → Chapter
7 -  Trim with badge
Allocation → Electronic Parts Catalogue (ETKA).
8 -  Brake caliper
Do not disconnect brake hose when changing pads.
Removing and installing → Chapter
Repairing → Chapter.
Allocation → Electronic Parts Catalogue (ETKA).
9 -  Hexagon bolt (self-locking)
Renew after removing
35 Nm
10 -  Ribbed collar bolt
Clean if reused.
200 Nm
11 -  Wheel bearing housing
With bolted brake carrier.
Allocation → Electronic Parts Catalogue (ETKA).
12 -  Brake hose with banjo union and banjo bolt
Ensure correct installation position
35 Nm
13 -  Retaining clip
14 -  Bracket
15 -  Bolt
8 Nm
Front brakes

Removing and installing brake pads, front brakes
Special tools and workshop equipment required     Torque wrench -V.A.G 1331-   ...

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