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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Assembly overview - flanging tool

Assembly overview - flanging tool

1 -  Flanging tool upper part
Unbolt to change flanging jaws
2 -  Fastening for handle
Must be unscrewed to access securing bolt for upper part.
3 -  Securing bolt
For flanging tool upper part
4 -  Grub screws for flanging jaws
For centring and holding flanging jaws
Hexagon socket head bolt, 2 mm
5 -  Flanging jaws
Assembly instructions → Fig.

Flanging jaw assembly instructions:
VAS 6056/6 (dark) for black brake lines
VAS 6056/7 (light) for green brake lines
The arrow on the rounded side of the flanging jaws must point to the edge of the housing, and the straight side of the flanging jaws must be installed towards the spindle, or the flange will not be formed correctly.

Assembly overview - flanging tool

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