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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Assembly overview - dual halogen headlight

Assembly overview - dual halogen headlight

1 -  Bulb for side lights/daytime running lights/main beam headlights
The bulb has 3 functions:
Left side light bulb -M1-/right side light bulb -M3-
Left daytime running light bulb -L174-/right daytime running light bulb -L175-
Left headlight main beam bulb -M30-/right headlight main beam bulb -M32-
Removing and installing → Chapter
2 -  Grip
For bulb for daytime running lights/main beam headlights.
3 -  Housing cover
4 -  Housing cover
5 -  Headlight range control motor
Left headlight range control motor -V48-
Right headlight range control motor -V49-
Removing and installing → Chapter
6 -  Housing cover
7 -  Housing cover
8 -  Bulb holder
For headlight dipped beam bulb.
9 -  Headlight dipped beam bulb
Left headlight dipped beam bulb -M29-
Right headlight dipped beam bulb -M31-
Removing and installing → Chapter
10 -  Bolt
For securing on upper longitudinal member.
Specified torque: 8 Nm
11 -  Adjustment element
12 -  Bolt
Only needs to be loosened.
For securing on headlight holder.
Specified torque: 4 Nm
13 -  Compensation element
14 -  Snap-on nut
15 -  Bolt
For securing on bumper guide.
Specified torque: 4 Nm
16 -  Headlight
Removing and installing → Chapter
17 -  Stop bolt
For aligning headlight parallel to bonnet edge.
18 -  Banjo bolt
For height adjustment of headlight
19 -  Bolt
For securing on lock carrier.
Specified torque: 4 Nm
20 -  Front turn signal bulb
Front left turn signal bulb -M5-
Front right turn signal bulb -M7-
Removing and installing → Chapter
21 -  Grip
For front turn signal bulb

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