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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Assembly overview - door


Assembly overview - door

1 -  Front door
2 -  Bolt
3 -  Door hinge
4 -  Cap
5 -  Bolt
6 -  Cap
7 -  Bolt
8 -  Bolt
9 -  Door hinge
10 -  Bolt
11 -  Bolt
12 -  Door arrester
13 -  Door hinge
14 -  Bolt
15 -  Door hinge
16 -  Bolt
17 -  Bolt



Removing and installing door inner seal
During production, a sealant is applied to the door inner seals, which are then placed on the door flange and rolled on.   Note When removing ...

Other materials:

Renewing pyrotechnic, electrical and mechanical components of the restraint system after an accident
Special tools and workshop equipment required   Vehicle diagnostic tester   Note   The airbag control unit can be used for up to 2 side airbag and/or belt tensioner deploym ...

Changing headlights over from driving on left to driving on right (gas discharge headlights with dynamic high beam control and LED daytime running light)
If a right-hand drive vehicle is driven in a left-hand drive country, or vice versa, the headlights must be converted. This is necessary in order to avoid dazzling oncoming traffic with the asymmetric low beam headlights.   Note ...

Renewing LSF Lambda probe (4-pin)
  Note If necessary, replace attachment parts, cable ties or marking rings to match the uniform probe to the defective probe as specified. Do not repair Lambda probe wires, since this can result in malfunctions. ...

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