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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Assembly overview - door


Assembly overview - door

1 -  Front door
2 -  Bolt
3 -  Door hinge
4 -  Cap
5 -  Bolt
6 -  Cap
7 -  Bolt
8 -  Bolt
9 -  Door hinge
10 -  Bolt
11 -  Bolt
12 -  Door arrester
13 -  Door hinge
14 -  Bolt
15 -  Door hinge
16 -  Bolt
17 -  Bolt



Removing and installing door inner seal
During production, a sealant is applied to the door inner seals, which are then placed on the door flange and rolled on.   Note When removing ...

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Removing and installing spring, torsion beam axle
Special tools and workshop equipment required     Spring compressor -V.A.G 1752/1-   Spring retainer -V.A.G 1752/3A- ...

Before operating the air conditioning system after recharging with refrigerant
After installing a new air conditioner compressor or filling with fresh refrigerant oil (e.g. after blowing out refrigerant circuit), turn compressor pulley 10 revolutions by hand before starting engine. This will prevent damage to the air conditioner ...

Fitting wheel, fitting instructions for Volkswagen
Vehicles with tyre pressure sensor If the wheels are changed (e.g. switch from summer to winter tyres), the wheel electronics transmit data as soon as the speed of the new wheels exceeds 25 km/h. The new wheel electronics' ID numbers are ...

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